Welcome to “The Northerners”. A get-to-know-ya series where our team members tell you a little bit about themselves. This week’s Northerner is newbie Hannah Trujillo hailing from the west but more recently the East. Say hello to Hannah when you see her in the taproom and ask her… well, anything.

Hannah Trujillo

Position at 42 north

Production Manager


Motivational Streaker

Where are you from?

Denver, Colorado

My favorite beer at 42N is…

Asylum porter, until tomorrow when it changes.

My Favorite beer style is…

Anything dark… like my soul.

If you could have been in any band, what band would it be and what instrument would you have played

The Pixies: drums. AND Queen: Freddie on vocals duh;)

What would you name your own fruited double IPA?

Fruit Your Loop DIPA or Scurvy No More: Citra DIPA

Favorite cartoon as a child?

South Park of course. Colorado Proud.

If you had to hide in the brewery somewhere because zombies were invading, where would your secret spot be?

I’d shack up – CO2 tanks – tool rack – 42 Below Barrel Aging House – ready for the fight – Vagabonds welcome.

What is your favorite Buffalo Brewery (not 42N)?

Flying Bison

If you had to be an ABV what would you be?