Our Hopography Series IPA’s are a vehicle to test out new and exciting hop combinations with fun ingredients that we find right here in our backyard. This installment of Hopography features our friends at 21 Brix Winery in Portland, NY.

We love to carry 21 Brix at our taproom as a local selection. Their Ella Table Wine and Reisling are a favorite in the taproom so naturally we thought it would be a great partnership. We travelled down south to NYS wine country along Lake Erie to find the right grape juice for the project.

We landed on Vidal Grapes due to their light characteristics, earthy notes and tropical flavors. The result is a reinforcement of the white peach, gooseberry, berry notes of the Belma and El Dorado hops from the grape juice. A semi-dry and slightly bitter taste finishes of this exploratory IPA with a 7% ABV.

Stay tuned for more experimental hazy IPAs from the Hopography Series!

Learn more about 21 Brix Winery at https://21brix.com/