Treaty Saison

Traditional Sour Farmhouse Saison

Treaty is very refreshing, and features an elevated effervescence. The base brew will have underlying Belgian yeast characteristics such as fruit and spice esters, but the Lactobacillus sourness will be very evident on the palate. It should be noted that the Lactobacillus Plantarum bacteria are still live in this brew, making Treaty a probiotic beverage. 42 North is among the first breweries to use this method of souring as opposed to kettle souring.

Season: Spring







Notes of:

Citrus, Orange Peel, Cracker, Grains of Paradise, Black pepper


Saaz, Hallertau Magnum

Pairs well with:

Bouillabaisse, Farmhouse roasts, Pad Thai


Pilsner, Pale, Oats, Wheat.

A history lesson...

Treaty Saison is named for the Treaty of Ghent, which was signed in December of 1814 and ended the War of 1812. The Belgian city was neutral in the war and thus provided a safe place for the negotiations between the United States and Great Britain. Saison (French for ‘season’) was traditionally brewed in the Wallonia region of Belgium during the cooler months, and stored for consumption in the Spring. The term ‘farmhouse’ is used due to the fact that these beers were generally brewed by farmers and given to the workers for consumption.