A sense of place.

42 North is grounded in the roots of our region. Located on the 42nd parallel, it’s where wars were fought, fortunes lost – and found – and where legacies are made. And when it comes to beer, the 42nd parallel is unparalleled as well. Some of the world’s best hops grow along it, and in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, it’s where New York State hops grew bountiful and full-bodied. This tradition – and the legacy of arguably the most important parallel on earth – have found a new home, and a new future, here: at 42 North.


It takes teamwork to brew a great beer and deliver a great experience. It also takes the finest ingredients, attention to detail and a “never compromise” attitude.


While we pride ourselves on crafting new creative flavors, we make it our mission to stay true to our roots and the proud history of brewing. To that end, we focus on putting our head, heart, and hand into every beer we produce and every customer we engage.


The sum is greater than the individual parts. And by working with our neighbors, the local craft community, the region’s farmers, our business partners, and local not-for-profits, we are building something more than a brewery….we are building a community.